Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Audio News for Apple Addicts: n-track introduces iOS 2.0 support

Introducing n-Track Studio for iOS 2.0 n-Track Studio for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch version 2.0 is available now on the App Store.

New features include:

  • Left channels stripe bar: all of the tracks controls available in the familar places
  • Flexible routing with group channels: send multiple tracks to a gro up channel, then control all of the tracks volumes with a single fader Program pan and volume with automation envelopes

  • New Phaser effect

Also in this version Redesigned user interface elements, the ability to delete multiple files at once in the browser view, a grid button in the main toolbar with tempo and bpm settings.

n-Track for iOS adds support for the latest iPad as well as the iPhone 5

Find out more Learn more in the n-Track for iOS User Guide

Buy n-Track for iOS now from the iTunes Store (only $3.99 !)

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